Who are The Residents? We may never know, but for the time being you can certainly call us Residents!
Recently they had an open casting call for fans to upload cover versions of their songs and the best ones will make it on their new album! We couldn't pass this opportunity up! We've been fans of The Residents for quite some time and dooster in particular has covered three Residents songs in the past. The fans get to vote on which ones make it to the album and The Residents themselves get the final say. If you're a fan of us and/or a fan of them please consider voting for us, or just vote for the hell of it! In the meantime, you can check out what we have to offer:

Blue Rosebuds
This gem can be found on their smash hit album Duck Stab! from the late 70's. You can check it out here at Shidt or you can find this in the song gallery at the Residents website.
My Window
A beautiful song from their album Animal Lover. Also featured on dooster's Yonder album but this version here was tweaked and modified specifically for the contest.
Caring, and Caring Instrumental
An intriguing song from Demons Dance Alone covered by dooster. Available in both standard and instrumental versions.
An instrumental version of Loneliness from The Commercial Album