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Oh boy, it's birthday time again. You know what that means? New SHIDT and a whole lot of it! This time you get a little bit of everything that Shidt has to offer PLUS a bonus track that comes around once a year (much like the small limo). Details below:


The first of what looks to be a long running series of music that'll be released on a month-to-month basis. Psychedelicopter's sound is evolving, getting both more complex and relying more on lyrics than ever before but still maintains the edge and grit that gives them their signature color.

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The long-awaited album from dooster that's as eccentric as ever and focusing on nothing in particular. OTC, like the title suggests, welcomes you to the mind of dooster and lets you experience what goes on in his mind. You'll find peaceful piano tunes, non-musical skits, a take on folk music, what appears to be "pop" music, and a couple of tracks that might make you vomit.

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Last but not least, IT'S OUR BIRTHDAY!!! To celebrate, a new version of our signature Birthday song has been made and you can check it out below, along with Birthday songs of the past.

the latest and the "greatest"? You be the judge...
from 2017, this one has a dark tone and fast drums. Sound familiar?
Congratulations (One More Year)
an original Psychedelicopter composition that's made its way into the annals of Birthday history
the original remake that inspired the annual tradition
sometimes you can't beat the original but in this case I think you can...

One more thing, the video output on our end has been stagnant recently but don't fret. We will continue to make videos as long as time is on our side, and it sometimes is. Keep checking back or subscribe to us on YouTube for the lastest video news.

That is all for this episode of the Shidt Feed. As always, thank you for reading, thank you for listening, and ENJOY?


It's official. We can call ourselves Residents.

We want to thank any and all of you out there who voted for us because it was you who made this happen. I Am A Resident! is now available for purchase on CD, Vinyl, and also iTunes. Head over to Buy or Die! to buy direct. Buy it for us, buy it for them, buy it for everyone who contributed.
Buy...or die!

Also, dooster has dropped an interesting live album of sorts containing familiar hits, ideas for the future, some noodling, and an atmosphere that's kinda...oceanish? You can find it in all its 35 minute glory in the archives page or (if you're lazy like me) you can click


to jump straight to it. As always, we hope you enjoy?



Who are The Residents? We may never know, but for the time being you can certainly call us Residents!
Recently they had an open casting call for fans to upload cover versions of their songs and the best ones will make it on their new album! We couldn't pass this opportunity up! We've been fans of The Residents for quite some time and dooster in particular has covered three Residents songs in the past. The fans get to vote on which ones make it to the album and The Residents themselves get the final say. If you're a fan of us and/or a fan of them please consider voting for us, or just vote for the hell of it! In the meantime, you can check out what we have to offer:

Blue Rosebuds

This gem can be found on their smash hit album Duck Stab! from the late 70's. You can check it out here at Shidt or you can find this in the song gallery at the Residents website.

My Window

A beautiful song from their album Animal Lover. Also featured on dooster's Yonder album but this version here was tweaked and modified specifically for the contest.

Caring, and Caring Instrumental

An intriguing song from Demons Dance Alone covered by dooster. Available in both standard and instrumental versions.


An instrumental version of Loneliness from The Commercial Album

11/15/17: DID YOU KNOW?

Real quick, I want to give a huge thanks to anyone who happens to visit this website and listens to our music. Our intention with this is mostly for our own enjoyment and we've always hoped there is at least one person out there who enjoys this Shidt as much as we do. Thank you very much for listening to us either recently or throughout the years and if you want to get in contact with us for any and most all reasons then please drop us a line at or you can check out our YouTube channel. We'd be happy to hear from you and we'll reply as soon as we can.

That aside, let's get down to this BIRTHDAY stuff...

On this day in 2007 two weirdos from Washington got together and starting making music; some together, some alone, and some with a little help from their friends. What started as some innocent noodling quickly became something more and blossomed into all that's featured on this page and even more than that. To commemorate this monumentous occasion, we at Shidt like to make BIRTHDAY songs as much as possible though we've failed for several years. Below are the BIRTHDAY songs as well as a special entry from Psychedelicopter.

Don't look too into the numbers because they don't matter. THE NUMBERS DON'T MATTER! Enjoy...


The original from 2009. Yes, that's what I said. You can find this on ODD ZNN NNZ


Remake from 2011, released in 2014. Makes more sense I guess. From Lowdown

Congratulations (One More Year)

Psychedelicopter's birthday song from The Protectors. Recorded at around 11:30 PM on 11/15/16


Ending the losing streak, this was made specifically for today and isn't found on any album